About Us

Company Background

TTMC have been established for more than 11 years in Malaysia. We aim to be the major Reliable player in the welding & cutting industrial that provides excellent products quality, services & solution provider.

What We Do

  • Welding & cutting machines, touches, accessories, chemicals and related spare parts.
  • Stainless steel, aluminium & copper wires & rods.
  • Silver brazing alloys, fluxes, abrasive, buffing & polishing products.
  • Rental of welding machineries and trading activities.


  • Tungsten electrodes, welding electrodes (mild steel, low hydrogen, stainless steel, hard facing & other specialize wire/electrodes) & MIG wires.
  • CNC profile cutting machines, plasma welding & cutting machines, CNC drilling, Cutting system, robotics welding & cutting equipment and system.

Brands We Have

TTMC distributorships & agencies include some of the world reputable brands namely OTC, Messer, Kiswel, Taiwan Plasma Corp., Weldone, Torchmate, Nabakem, Thermacut, CBS, SIL and others.

Lincoln Electric - Invertec® CV/CC 500

The digitally controlled Invertec® CV/CC 500 provides constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) output for heavy duty welding applications and delivers superior arc welding performance and faster response to changes at the arc. It is ideally suited for Mig and Flux Cored arc welding processes and for fabricators mainly using 1.0mm to 1.6mm diameter solid and flux core welding wires.

Kiswel - K 71T

Typical application is Butt and fillet welding of carbon steel for machineries, cars, shipbuilding, bridges and etc. Besides, Characteristics on usage:
1) Stable arc, low spatter generation and beautiful bead appearance.
2) Little fume generation and excellent feedability.
3) Wire extension should be kept within 15 ~ 25mm.


  • It is applied widely for high speed welding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloy etc.
  • Using step voltage change is not only meet the demand of adjusting voltage, but also is of operation simply, durable and maintenance facility.
  • Unique design; make sure that the welding machine can work in the voltage range of 320V to 460V.

Thermal Dynamics - Ultra Cut

The Ultra-Cut delivers premium precision plasma cutting on mild steel and non-ferrous alloys. For non-ferrous material, select our unique Water Mist Secondary process for best in class cut quality. In addition, the Ultra-Cut systems can also be used for clean, efficient, plasma marking without having to change consumables.

OTC - Daihen

Number One in OTC's Line up of "D" series welding machines, offering both high quality DC pulsed MAG/MIG and CO2/MAG/MIG Welding.
  • Incredible arc stability at very low current ranges and very high welding speeds.
  • Optional software modes available to achieve high quality welding on materials such as magnesium and titanium.

CNC Cutting Machine

Flame/Plasma cutting Machine - 3 axiz gantry style CNC profile cutter equipped with plasma/flame cutting torch.
Pipe Cutting Machine - can be fitted with plasma or oxyfuel cutting torch.
Plate Drilling Machine - Robust structure that eliminate any vibration during driling process.

Pipe Welding System

Is used for welding pipe to pipe, pipe to flange, pipe to elbow, pipe to tee etc...

Specialist of Plasma & TIG Welding for stainless steel

Robot Welding system...